Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes produced by VAPCHEM consists of Vinyl Sulphone Based, Cyanuric Chloride Based (H/P and HE), Bi-Functional type and Speciality series like VD ,VBG Series & Vinyl Sulphone.




Vinyl Sulphone Reactive Dyes are recommended for Pad-Batch Silicate Process, Printing and also most of the dyes are suitable for Exhaust Dyeing too.




Cyanuric Chloride Based Reactive Dyes consists of H/P series which are suitable for printing, while HE dyes are suitable for Exhaust Dyeing.




Reactive Dye has better stability properties due to the molecular bondage during the dyeing process. The reactive dyes are usually used in the coloring of cellulose such as cotton, wool, and nylon. Reactive dyeing is a well-accepted method for the coloration of cellulose fiber because it connects itself to its substrate by chemical reaction to form a covalent bond between the dye and fiber molecules. The color thus becomes a part of the fiber and reduces the likelihood of its removal or extinction while washing it compared to coloration by the absorption method. This formation of covalent bonds with substrates to be colorful is one of the most important characteristics of Reactive Dyes.




Properties of reactive dyes:




  • Reactive Dye is anionic in nature.
  • Reactive Dye is a water soluble dye.
  • They form strong co-valent bond with the cellulosic fiber.
  • Wide range of color can be produced with reactive dyes.




Our focus is on adhering to the best possible, most sound and environmentally friendly reactive colors without compromising product quality and security. We work continuously to improve and refine our processes, purchase the best quality raw materials and make our products more durable in our respective markets according to the needs of our customers.we strive to achieve our business goals.




The Reactive Dyes are different from the natural dyes due to chemical shades such as a reaction and water resistance. Careful attention to the reactive pigment manufacturing process is to keep this in mind and monitor all the parameters during production that the chemical properties of the color are to match the chemical properties of the dye, which is to be dyed. Continuous improvement in the process helps in achieving higher yields with less variation.




We offer exclusive range of Reactive Dyes “VINYL SULPHONE DYES ”, “SPECIALITY PRODUCTS FOR TRICHROMATIC SHADES” including a variety of colors like Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Black, etc with different compositions and dark deep shades.




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